Bloated City Budget

Our taxes and fees have become too high. Even more troubling, our expenses are exceeding our constituents’ ability to pay the taxes and fees.

No one denies that our city workers earn their salaries. However, over 72% of the city’s $1 billion budget goes for salary and benefits. Jim Fried knows that this is not sustainable.

Jim Fried has an MBA from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. He has the knowledge and experience to help bring pension costs under control.

Jim Fried says taxpayers can save hundreds of millions of dollars if the city introduced a Defined Contribution Retirement Program for new employees. A combination plan could work as well. A pension contribution of 20% from the city and 10% from employees should provide the necessary cost savings and maintain adequate pensions for our city’s working women and men. We need to work with those stakeholders and experts to help us create meaningful solutions to our pension problems.