No-bid Giveaways of Public Greenspace

Developers want to take 73 acres of greenspace and turn it into a soccer stadium. Jim Fried knows that the Melreese Golf Course deal is really a shopping center disguised as a soccer stadium. This no-bid contract was cooked up behind closed doors and is a sweetheart deal for billionaire developers. Because the soccer stadium relies on revenues from retail space and public incentives picked from the pockets of taxpayers, the developers created a shopping center disguised as a soccer stadium. Jim Fried calls the 73-acre golf course a beautiful gem, a vast sea of open greenspace in our city. If the people of Miami don’t want it to stay a golf course, then it should be turned into a magnificent park. It should never be handed over to private developers. The developers claim that they will find equivalent open space to replace the lost open space. It is an absurd notion that replacement acreage in the city could be found, even if it exists. And even if it does, it would be decades before a new park could replace the majestic beauty of Melreese Golf Course.

Jim Fried says this is a terrible deal for the taxpayers.