Sad Condition of Miami’s Parks

Jim Fried knows that our city government’s operations are rarely efficient. Fried also knows that all too often, government will plan changes in a neighborhood while ignoring resident input. Morningside Pool is a perfect example of government in action at its worst. Built in 1953, the pool wasn’t properly maintained by the city and was closed over four years ago. Absurdly, the city is proposing to tear the pool down and build a new one on the softball field even though several studies done by the city say the present pool is repairable. Astonishingly, part of the proposed plan expands parking. Most residents of the neighborhood do not want these changes. The city should set an example for its residents by maintaining facilities and listening to its residents when planning changes in their community.

Sadly, most Miami parks are either in advanced disrepair or have been closed completely.

Jim Fried will make needed park repairs, will work to open closed parks, and knows that he can bring consensus by listening to the residents of Morningside.