Workforce Housing

The problem that has driven up the cost of workforce housing is the large percentage of foreign buyers — perhaps as much as 40%. Miami has a critical workforce housing shortage as a result. If Miami is to remain a vital and sustainable city, we need to create solutions for the problem of workforce housing.

But we can’t have it both ways. Either we want increased value for our properties or we want to create affordable housing. Jim Fried says sustainable solutions must be created if Miami is to retain any sense of urban vitality.

Artificial attempts to create affordable housing through zoning incentives usually involve more up-zonings, which have harmed the quality of life for all of us. That’s an attempt at treating the symptom rather than the disease.

Jim Fried has extensive experience with workforce housing as a former board member of Broward Housing Solutions. As commissioner, Jim Fried will apply those considerable skills to cut through the red tape and create sustainable workforce housing solutions.